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Phyllis Traver, Founder and Owner - Environmental Stresses in Duxbury, MA

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Thank you for visiting our website.  Phyllis Traver, owner of Safe & Sound Home, is a certified Building Biologist and has a Masters degree from Harvard University.

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Service Area: Massachusetts • Rhode Island • Connecticut

Contact us in Boston, Massachusetts, to reduce indoor air pollution & get EMF relief, and create a home that supports your health.

What We Do
We offer indoor environmental consulting, EMF inspections, and testing of electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity, RF microwaves, chemical pollutants, and indoor air quality. We make the invisible, visible, by scientifically measuring critical factors that affect your health and wellness.

Identify and remediate sources of indoor pollution in your home by having our "house doctor" test your home and provide you with recommendations that follow Bau-Biologie, or Building Biology, principles.

We specialize in EMF inspections for individuals who have electrical and/or chemical sensitivity, and/or allergies.