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Client Testimonials

"Phyllis came to my house for an EMF assessment and was very knowledgeable and thorough in her work. Her efforts helped me get to the root of my health problems and brought me significant relief from years of chronic pain. I highly recommend her." M.A., Rhode Island

"Phyllis has provided knowledge and remedial work around EMF that has enabled me to finally start healing from some severe health problems. She also identified that my son was sleeping in a dangerously high magnetic field. We were able to move him and according to my doctor maybe added 10-20 years to his life. I am grateful for the help to protect my family from modern pollutions of which most of us are unaware."
E.S., Arlington, MA

When I moved to my new home in Sherborn, I wanted to be sure that it would be a haven of health and healing for my family. I was concerned about cell phone radiation, but also about EMF fields from electricity, and the radiation from cordless devices and wi fi. Phyllis helped me to navigate in all these areas as well as answering questions about water quality, chemicals in furniture etc. . Unfortunately there are so many unseen hazards in today's highly technological lifestyle that it has become quite complex to simply live safely and sanely. Phyllis is very open minded and her work is based on science and evidence; she is always honest when she doesn’t have an answer to a question or a problem. She is also fun and interesting to work with. I feel that hiring her was one of the best investments I could make to protect my family's health for the long run. W.R., Sherborn, MA

I had been experiencing some ongoing health concerns. I decided that I would also explore environmental factors- even though I wasn't sure that would matter. After all, the environmental factors- for the most past- are invisible. I am glad I called Phyllis. She is very professional. Phyllis offers great clarity both in assessing one’s personal needs and what she has to offer to specifically meet them. I am now clear that there are environmental factors that contribute to either one’s well being or unneeded stress. J.S., Gloucester, MA

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What We Do

We offer indoor environmental consulting, EMF inspections, and testing of electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity, RF microwaves, chemical pollutants, and indoor air quality. We make the invisible, visible, by scientifically measuring critical factors that affect your health and wellness.

Identify and remediate sources of indoor pollution in your home by having our "house doctor" test your home and provide you with recommendations that follow Bau-Biologie, or Building Biology, principles.

We specialize in EMF inspections for individuals who have electrical and/or chemical sensitivity, and/or allergies.