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We Make the Invisible, Visible

with Our Indoor Environmental EMF Inspections

Discover the invisible causes of health problems with indoor environmental testing from Safe & Sound Home in Massachusetts. We make the invisible, visible through scientific measurement of indoor environmental factors. Contact us to learn more about our healthy home EMF inspections that detect indoor pollution and electro-smog (EMF).

Indoor Air Quality & EMF Testing

Using sophisticated equipment, we measure a variety of factors to gain a thorough understanding of your home environment. The most occupied areas, such as sleeping areas, nurseries, and home offices, are our priorities. Then we suggest solutions and identify options for mitigating pollutants and sources of radiation. Our measurements include:

  • Electric Fields
  • Magnetic Fields
  • RF Microwaves
  • Dirty Electricity
  • Gases
  • Chemicals
  • Particulates
  • Ions
  • Air Quality
  • Ventilation
  • Water Quality
  • Humidity

Simple Solutions

Come to us for recommended solutions to problems uncovered by our indoor environment EMF inspections.

Many home health solutions will be simple, do-it-yourself solutions that can be immediate and at no cost. Others may require professional remediation or new materials and systems.

We show you how to immediately reduce electric and magnetic fields (EMF) in your home and improve your air quality.

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Healthy Building Advice

Choose the right building materials, systems, and finishes to make your indoor environment biologically and ecologically healthy. These materials do not cause chemical off-gassing and contribute to healthy indoor air quality. We provide recommendations for healthy:

  • Wall Finishings
  • Heating Systems
  • Air Filtration
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Floor Coverings
  • Water Filtration
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation

Contact us at
(866) 725-0213 in Boston, Massachusetts, to improve your indoor environment and promote wellness.

Service Area: Greater Boston, MA, RI, CT

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What We Do

We offer indoor environmental consulting, EMF inspections, and testing of electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity, RF microwaves, chemical pollutants, and indoor air quality. We make the invisible, visible, by scientifically measuring critical factors that affect your health and wellness.

Identify and remediate sources of indoor pollution in your home by having our "house doctor" test your home and provide you with recommendations that follow Bau-Biologie, or Building Biology, principles.

We specialize in EMF inspections for individuals who have electrical and/or chemical sensitivity, and/or allergies.