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Is Your Home Healthy?

EPA Cites Indoor Pollution as a Top 5 Health Risk

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Learn how to create healthy homes from Safe & Sound Home LLC. We offer consulting, EMF inspections, and home testing of indoor air pollution, electromagnetic fields (EMF), and Building Biology principles in Boston, Massachusetts.

We provide an overview of our home EMF inspections and indoor environment remediation advice to increase wellness. Contact us to learn how Building Biology can address allergies, asthma, and other common ailments.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

In recent years, building materials, furnishings, and cleaning supplies increasingly contain synthetic and chemical components that cause indoor air pollution. Tightening the building envelope in an effort to minimize energy costs compounds this risk. Air quality improvements can reduce the incidence and severity of allergy symptoms.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

The recent expansion of man-made electromagnetic radiation that supports modern appliances and technologies adds another element to the indoor pollution equation. Many health problems, including eczema, cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome, have been linked to electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity, and RF microwave radiation. We recommend simple changes in your home that may improve your health.

Building Biology

Safe & Sound Home follows the principles and practices of Bau-Biologie or "building biology," a German-based study of the interconnected relationship between human life, the living environment, and the built environment. The founder of Safe & Sound Home is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant. Using building biology, we measure the combined effects of indoor pollution sources and offer solutions to improve your health.

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(866) 725-0213 in Boston, Massachusetts, for more information about indoor pollution, allergy relief, and Building Biology.

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What We Do

We offer indoor environmental consulting, EMF inspections, and testing of electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity, RF microwaves, chemical pollutants, and indoor air quality. We make the invisible, visible, by scientifically measuring critical factors that affect your health and wellness.

Identify and remediate sources of indoor pollution in your home by having our "house doctor" test your home and provide you with recommendations that follow Bau-Biologie, or Building Biology, principles.

We specialize in EMF inspections for individuals who have electrical and/or chemical sensitivity, and/or allergies.