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Promote Good Health and Wellness

with Healthy Bedrooms and Homes

Enjoy a deep sleep and promote wellness with healthy bedrooms and ecological dwellings from Safe & Sound Home servicing greater Boston & New England. Along with our in-home testing, we can help you change your indoor environment to improve your health using biologically compatible building practices and furnishings. Contact us to learn more about how building biology can help your life.

Improve your Health with Quality Sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential to your health and well being. Both quantity and quality of sleep influences the body's self-healing process and can have an extraordinary impact on the quality of your life. Sleep soundly when you slumber in a sleep "sanctuary", breathing healthy air, and protected from electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity, and RF microwaves.

Create a Sleep Sanctuary through EMF Relief

Sleep sanctuaries are bedrooms that support the body's ability to restore itself to promote wellness. We identify the source of electromagnetic fields (EMF) and mitigate their effects. We help you have healthy air to breathe. This is also a great way to create a safe nursery!

Build a Healthy Home

Ecologically compatible dwellings are not only good for the environment but also good for the people building them, living in them, and demolishing them.

This is because biology and ecology are integrally related.

Ecological dwellings, based on Building Biology principles, are designed to have climate resilience and naturally contribute to comfortable indoor climates.

This means they:

  • Require Less Mechanical Intervention
  • Maximize Natural Heating & Cooling
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Support the Health of Inhabitants
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Building Biology: Beyond Green Building

The evolution of conventional building practices has not fully accounted for the effects on the inhabitants' health. The new "green" movement has focused primarily on energy conservation. Building Biology encompasses the total integration of ecological performance and biological compatibility in ecological dwellings.

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What We Do

We offer indoor environmental consulting, EMF inspections, and testing of electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity, RF microwaves, chemical pollutants, and indoor air quality. We make the invisible, visible, by scientifically measuring critical factors that affect your health and wellness.

Identify and remediate sources of indoor pollution in your home by having our "house doctor" test your home and provide you with recommendations that follow Bau-Biologie, or Building Biology, principles.

We specialize in EMF inspections for individuals who have electrical and/or chemical sensitivity, and/or allergies.